Better decisions faster
using ForceMetrics

Transform the way law enforcement engages with the community by improving data infrastructure and streamlining insights to help everyone make better decisions, in the moment, faster.

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"Having data insights like this at my fingertips is game changing, especially when I attend community meetings asking what my officers are doing to keep everyone safe"

Police Chief

Mid-size police department, New Jersey


“We all have smartphones. We finally have technology that just sits on top of our existing dispatcher notes & police reports enabling our officers to make better decisions and provide higher touch service for community members in crisis”

Police Chief

Mid-size police department, Texas

Explore your data like never before

We help extract valuable insights from your data


Optimize Decision Making

  • Single search bar with modern mapping across existing CAD+RMS
  • Push notifications for both officer safety and community needs
  • Auto-generated insights from call taker notes and officer reports

Digital Co-Responder

  • Auto-extract community needs from call notes and police reports
  • Securely connect victims and people in crisis to support networks
  • Measure impact from initial 911 contact to provider level follow-ups

360° Wellness & Safety

  • Identify areas of interest with repeated high stress calls
  • Accurately weigh calls based on potential stress indicators
  • Cutting edge technologies to make it easier to do your job everyday